Found my dream car!

#WinstonityWears T-Shirt: Bound Amsterdam, Jeans: Cheap Monday, Shoes: Nike, Timepiece: Skagen, Shades: Porsche Design, Car obviously: Mercedes Benz Classic 280SL

Hello to everyone and attention to all the classic car lovers out there. It been a lil’ while because of school but last week I run into my DREAM car! The Mercedes-Benz 280SL and I was immediately in love. The sun was shining and It felt like a Californian dream. And of course I wanted to get behind that wheel and pretend to drive… haha winstonity-signaturewinstonity-winston-scheper-mercedes-benz-280sl mercedes-benz-280sl mercedes-benz-280sl winstonity-wears-mercedes-benz-280sl dream-car-mercedes-benz-280sl mercedes-benz-280sl-skagen-demark-timepieces

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