#WinstonityVlogs | Men's FashionWeek Milano '17

It’s has been a little while and I’m happy to be back on WINSTONITY again!

Recently, I started vlogging in English because I basically realised a lot of you guys who follow me are from all over the world and I used to vlog in Dutch., So now nobody can tell me they can’t understand what I talking about in my vlogs as an excuse! Go watch my newest VLOG now ;D I’m watching you!

This was actually my first time in Milano ever! Me and my dad spend the whole weekend in Milano for Men’s FashionWeek.

To be honest with you, I had a few struggles speaking English really fast while filming which made me “kinda” frustrated but I also just see it as a learning process! Vlogging is so much fun and also amazing for me to see what I did during those busy & fashionable periods. Fun fun fun!

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