Mode Fabriek 2015

Mode fabriek, Amsterdam! It was really awesome to see all new trends, colours & gadgets for 2015/2016. I made a list from the brands and a few new items! Later this month I gonna post about the brands I really love!!mode-fabriek-2015


Brand: Gsus. New collection winter 2015, very inspiring  ↓↓↓mode-fabriek-2015

See this new trend copper elements! ↓↓↓



A few items from the Modefabriek ↓↓↓mode-fabriek-2015

Brand: Reinders photo with: Julie & Marie! it was great to meet you ↓↓↓


Yellow! One of the new Trend colours ↓↓↓



Brand: Petrol collection in Vintage style ↓↓↓mode-fabriek-2015

Used look Vintage interior ↓↓↓



Blueprint DJ’s @Funkmastervic @Gregleboye ↓↓↓mode-fabriek-2015

Clothes hanger drip art! @yourstoreconcept ↓↓↓



Brand: Elvine // Lexson collection in Tropical style ↓↓↓mode-fabriek-2015

Nice basics ↓↓↓



A few items // style from the Modefabriek ↓↓↓mode-fabriek-2015

Coffee // Tea machine, built in a Mini Cooper! I like it a lot ↓↓↓ 








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