New, New, Winstonity Snap-Recap!

W E E K - R E C A P

This week past by so quickly.. Here is my Week Recap with all the INs & OUTs. In case you’ve missed somethin’

Also NEW: Winstonity Snap-Recap! How exciting ;D From now on you will find a Snap-Recap video of my Snapchat Stories with all the highlights of that 3/4 weeks.

My week in PHOTOS, my week in SNAPS!

This week at the Josh V show, rocking backstage with Amanda at FashionWeek and snapping with Kim Feenstra, Tony Cohen, Mandy Dyonne, Janice, Josh, Jamie and lots more! But also some snaps of last week! Check it out!winstonity-signature

winstonity-winston-scheper livv-lifestyle snapchat-winstonity winston-scheper-winstonity winston-scheper-josh-v winston-scheper snapchat-winstonity winston-scheper-winstonity-amanda-van-effrink-fashionchick-nl snapchat-winstonity winstonity winston-scheper-winstonity-amanda-van-effrink-fashionchick-nl


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