See what I’ve been seeing, Dubai again! A crazy city or should a just say: superlative!

And as I was back in the UAE (this time discovering Abu Dhabi) I got an email saying I was invited to an event in Dubai, The Conde Nast Traveller MAG. wanted to meet with me and do an interview.

I mean, I just couldn’t miss it and I was looking more then forward to go to Dubai again (which is just a hour drive from Abu Dhabi) and meet up with those amazing people! So when I arrived at The Palace downtown I felt so welcomed and I really think this hotel is one of the best. It has such a great ambiance and can we talk about that view of the Burj Khalifa and the fountain show?! Perfectly located!

Dubai your one of the most unique places I’ve had the blast to visit! I definitely wanna come back! Fave Dubai shots down below.

PS. the interview for Conde Nast Traveller coming soooon!

Definitely one of the highlights; The amazing and awe fountains show next to the Burj Khalifa in the Palace Downtown during the Conde Nast Traveller event 😀

Golden hour

With these two amazing, beautiful and inspirational women Souad & Lateefa, such a pleasure

Getting Deserted

On my way to DUBAI

The Palace Downtown, Dubai! one of the best hotels with such an amazing ambiance and THAT VIEW!

Ready to get interviewed with Sarah Hymers

Meet me and my japanese girls! Whoop whoop so cool to meet people from all over the world @ the Conde Nast Traveller event!

The Arab way

This tuc tuc, all the way form Pakistan

On the red carpet with Sarah Hymers | Conde Nast Traveller

Conde Nast Traveller Photo Booth for the Beverly Hills Hotel

VLOG Abu Dhabi & Dubai 

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